Let's Talk About Changing Others:

Why It's a No-Go & What to Do Instead!


So, you’re the type who’s always trying to change other people, huh? Take a breather and ask yourself why you feel the need to do that.

Think about it—when it comes to seeing humanity as a whole, we tend to split people into two camps. Some are like us, sharing our vibes and ideas, while others are totally different. And let’s be real, sometimes we’re so into our own values that we’re convinced our way is the only right way. It can get pretty annoying when we meet folks who see the world from a totally different angle and deal with stuff in ways we don’t get. But even if we’re dead certain they’d be better off following our lead, we should hold back on trying to change them. 'Cause here’s the deal—every person is born with their own unique nature that can’t be messed with by outside forces. We’re all who we are for a reason, and nobody has the right to decide who someone else should be.

Now, why do we even bother trying to change people? Well, there are loads of reasons. Sometimes, we’ve been around the block enough times to think we’ve got life all figured out, and we start acting like we’re experts on everything. But let’s get real again—there’s always gonna be stuff we don’t know, and we can never fully understand what someone else is going through. Plus, the potential we see in others will never match up exactly with our own. So, assuming we know what’s best for them is just plain wrong.

Here’s the thing—we’ve got to embrace people for who they are, quirks and all, instead of trying to control every little thing about them. We can either love them up close, embracing their uniqueness, or from a distance, just appreciating them as fellow human beings.

And here’s a little secret: when we show that we respect others' right to be themselves, they’re more likely to vibe with us. But hey, instead of trying to change everyone else, maybe it’s time we focus on changing the one person we actually have control over: ourselves. Makes sense, right? ~RS

"Focus on me, let others be; their path is theirs, mine's up to me."

Daily Affirmation

Good Evening. It's Thursday, April 18, and we're covering a looming fight over foreign aid bills, a career-ending gambling ban, and much more.

Need To Know

Foreign Aid Showdown

US House leadership proposed a $95B foreign aid package yesterday consisting of three funding bills for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan. The vote, expected to occur Saturday night, will come two months after the House declined to take up similar legislation passed by the Senate. Lawmakers faced renewed pressure to pass the aid after Iran's missile-and-drone attack against Israel last weekend. 

NBA Gambling Ban

The National Basketball Association yesterday banned Toronto Raptors forward Jontay Porter for life for violating the league's betting rules. Porter—who went undrafted in 2019 before one season with the Memphis Grizzlies and three in the NBA's developmental G League—averaged just over four points per game with the Raptors.

New Sea Dragon Unlocked

Researchers have identified remnants of what may be the largest marine reptile ever discovered. The species, ichthyotitan severnensis, was believed to reach over 80 feet long, twice the length of a city bus.

"A happy man is too satisfied with the present to dwell too much on the future."

- Albert Einstein 

In The Know 

Sports, Entertainment, & Culture

Sundance Film Festival looking for new permanent venue; Park City, Utah, has hosted the festival since 1981 (More)

> US Justice Department to pay $100M to around 100 victims of former Team USA gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar over FBI's mishandling of the sexual abuse allegations against Nassar (More)


Science & Technology

> New AI-powered algorithm traces metastatic cancer cells—those that have left their original tumor and traveled through the body—to their original site; assistive tool will help provide tailored treatment for patients (More)

> Bitcoin halving event, which cuts the reward for validating new bitcoins, expected to happen by end of week (More) | Halving 101 (More)


Business & Markets

> US stock markets close lower (S&P 500 -0.6%, Dow -0.1%, Nasdaq -1.2%); S&P 500, Nasdaq close down for fourth day as stocks are dragged down by tech giants, including Nvidia, which fell nearly 4% (More)

> Boeing faces scrutiny in two Senate hearings on aircraft safety and quality; whistleblower alleges Boeing cut corners on 787 and 777 models, panel of experts discuss previous findings on flaws in Boeing's safety culture (More)

Politics & World Affairs

> Democratic-led Senate votes to dismiss articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas (More) |

 Columbia University president testifies at House hearing on antisemitism (More)

> Hawaii's attorney general releases report on lack of preparedness in advance of August 2023 wildfire that killed 101 people; Maui Fire Department had limited equipment, poorly stocked fire engines while fire hydrants lost water supply (More)

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